rattle workshopSacred Rattle and Medicine Pouch Workshop

Rattles are used within shamanic work for ceremony, healing and journeying. Making your own sacred tools helps to develop a relationship with their spirit/energy: they become as individual as the owner.

A medicine pouch carries personal sacred objects that may be for healing, guidance, attraction, or protection. The items within your medicine pouch are ones you have sought out for their resonant vibration, symbolism or Power, or perhaps they have found you – they have come into your life for a reason.

medicine pouchDuring the workshop we will guide you through journeying to select sacred and Power objects for your medicine pouch so that you can carry them with you next to your Heart.  Throughout the years the contents of your Medicine Pouch evolve and synergise with you, providing a timeless spiritual ‘capsule’.

During this weekend workshop you will be guided through the steps for making your own sacred rattle and medicine pouch.

Being in ceremony and honouring all materials used and the spirits of those materials.

sacred rattle

The weekend will be a celebration of creativity culminating in a personal journey to empower you and your new friends.

What to bring: The materials for the basic rattle and medicine pouch are provided but if you would like to use a specific handle or bring feathers or such for decoration please do, you can always add more at a later date.

Venue: Diseworth Heritage Centre, Ladygate, Diseworth, Leicestershire DE74 2QF

19th and 20th May 2018. 10am until 4pm.  Cost: £100. Please bring lunch to share.

Contact Ruth 07736710987 or for booking.