Animal Skins

Someone recently gave me a remnant of ocelot skin, it had been in a box of her Great Grandmothers things, she thought I could use it. Of course I could use it! and said that I was very happy to receive it, that it could be used for some of the shamanic tools that I make but before it was put to use I would do a ceremony to honour the animals that had given their lives for the making of the garment it had come from, at this she started to tear up and it made me realise that not everyone would think of doing this. Those leather shoes, belt, coat, the meat on your dinner plate, we should be grateful to the animals that give their lives for us to be warm and well fed, it doesn’t have to be a full blown honouring ceremony but a simple acknowledgement and gratefulness would be good.

Mercury Retrograde

Generally 3 times a year, sometimes 4 Mercury goes retrograde, it goes backwards from our perspective on earth. Mercury rules communication, travel, the way we connect, these days that includes computers and phones. In the past I have found that is during these retrograde times that these things broke down, people misconstrued what was said or I ineffectively communicated, or lost my phone, the car broke down. Shamanism has given me a greater understanding of celestial and earth energies and now I see this cycle as a time of reflection, a time of communicating with myself, listening to intuition and so look positively at the retrograde, this way I find the cycle works with rather than against me and if perchance something does go awry, look at where a change might need to be made.

Soap Making

Soap making, what’s that got to do with shamanism? I’m asking that question myself.

It’s got more to do with a way of life. I want to know that the products I use have a certain energy. That the ingredients have been honoured, that the earth from where they came has been honoured, that the people that harvested those ingredients have been honoured and that love has been added as an extra ingredient that’s not in the recipe book. ¬†An offering has been offered back to the Earth as thanks for the gifts she bestows upon us. The shampoo bars have had a ritual wound around them, they’ve had love infused into them and later when I wash my hair I will feel that love come back to me.